Fire Resistant Wood-Wool (Building Boards/ Slabs)


Clients can avail quality-assured Fire-Resistance-Rated Boards Slabs from us at industry leading prices. DURATEX High-Density board/slabs that we have on offer are used for real "Low-Cost" mass-housing construction. Fixing accessories are also made available by us, which incorporates quick construction techniques. World-class technology has been employed to manufacture these products that are utilised in numerous architectural and engineering designs.


• Cost and energy saving
• Fire resistant
• Long functional life


The length of bearing of a unit on to the structural steel section or a manufactured concrete must not be less than 50 mm (as per fig.) after making allowance for all movements of the structure. The grooved edge channels of the slabs are tongued with the help of a key-wedge to the adjacent units so as to give a flush joint and the units positioned so that the ends (which are secured to the supports with the fixings) come into contact. Screeds or roof finishes are then applied.

Some care in handling is needed on site to protect units until laid. In-situ screeding shall be of a dry mix to avoid possible staining of the soffit. However when laying wet-screed, temporary support must be incorporated to avoid difflection.


Slabs must not be used as a working area during construction, and crawl boards must be used to support the weight of wheel-barrows or similar concentrated loads. The units are capable of with-standing normal pedestrian traffic likely to occur during construction work.