High Quality Acoustic Wood Wool (Boards/Slabs)


Duratex® (Lip-braced boards) are a continous length of Duratex® standard board with unique lipped inter locking galvanised steel edge reinforcement, which together with adequate density (as per DIN - 1101) provides spans upto 3000 mm. Duratex® Range of Roof decking has a unique combination of properties which provides designers with a versatile product for a wide variety of applications. It provides lightness with structural strength and excellent thermal, acoustic and fire resisting characteristics, which with the clean interlocking steel edge profile lines and texture of its soffit, allows economics for example, by the omission of a suspended cieling.

It is widely used for flat or pitched roofing for any type of building and is also suitable for floors, permanent shuttering partitions and exterior cladding. Duratex® is an acceptable material under Building Regulatations and is manufactured to a density in excess of (BS-1105, 1972, DIN-1101, IS : 3308-1981). The Duratex® range of roof decking combines lightness (weight approx. 28kg/m2) with structural strength, good thermal and acoustic properties plus excellent fire-protection. Wood-wool board with lip-braced edge technology are very popular and widely used in building construction in most part of the world especially in Europe, Africa, South & North America and South East Asian, Countries. Galvanised steel-channel of DurateX® lip-braced boards when adequately connected, are considered to provide lateral restraint to supporting beams. Its inherent thermal properties satisfy many common requirements and will meet more stringent demands with little additional expense. Duratex® lip-braced slabs are available in 50 and 75mm thickness and to any required lengths ranging as 1200, 1500, 1800, 2000, 2500 & 3000 mm. length. Each slab is 600 mm wide with following tolerances: Length +0, -6mm, width +0, -4mm and thickness +0, -2mm. Further, these slabs are available as normal textured and pre-screeded slabs. Pre-screeded slabs are used when slabs are laid to falls, the pre-screeded deck provides a base upon which to apply roof-finishes, thus elminating in-situ screeds, the normal thickness of the slab is not affected (approximate Weight is 5 kg/m2 - in addition to self weight.)


Duratex India provides High Quality Acoustic Wood Wool Boards And Slabs. Backed by our efficient workforce, we are capable of providing clients with Standard Wood Wool Boards and Slabs. We use the latest technology and advanced machinery along with superior raw materials to manufacture our boards/slabs. Furthermore, our boards/slabs can be customized as per the specifications laid down by the customers.


Standard width: 600 mm
Length: 1000-3000 mm
Surface texture: Both in fine and course fibres
Weight: 8.5-36 kg/m2
Thermal resistance: 0.100-0.075 m2 K/W
Bending strength: 1.70 N/mm2