Prefab Low Cost Housing Construction (Permanent And Detachable)


Prefabricated building materials are used for buildings that are manufactured off site and shipped later to assemble at the final location. Some of the commonly used prefabricated building materials are aluminum, steel, wood, fiberglass and concrete.


Prefabricated metal buildings use galvanized steel and galvalume as the chief materials for building. Galvalume is a form of steel coated with aluminum-zinc.

This is to protect the building against corrosion, rust and fire. It also provides a sturdy and protective covering to the prefabricated building. Almost all the components of a metal building such as beams, frames, columns, walls and roofs are made of steel.

Most prefabricated military buildings use steel or aluminum frames. Synthetic materials are used for the walls and roofs. To provide enhanced security, a combination of both metal and cloth materials are used. Plastic flooring materials can be quickly assembled and are very durable.

Prefabricated building materials used for small prefabricated buildings are steel, wood, fiberglass, plastic or aluminum materials. These materials are cheaper than regular brick and concrete buildings.

Materials like steel, fiberglass, wood and aluminum are used as prefabricated building materials for sports buildings. These materials provide flexibility and are preferred for making structures and accessories like stands and seats for stadium and gyms.

For making low cost houses, prefabricated materials like straw bale, Ferro cement, Calcium silicate products, composites and other cheap wood based materials are currently being used. Calcium silicate bricks are strong and durable. Ferro cement consists of a cement matrix reinforced with a mesh of closely-spaced iron rods or wires. In this type of construction.


We provide a wide range of Construction of Pre-Fab Houses to our clients. These have been fabricated using high grade material and have excellent thermal insulation, strength, excellent construction and capability to withstand all harsh climatic conditions.

Permanent Pre-Fab Houses

We are engaged in Permanent Pre-Fab Houses. Our skilled staff provides you customized permanent pre-fab houses. The raw materials used are of best quality and thus we are able to give you the premium quality. They are used in many places like school, site offices, trauma centre etc. and have scope for many other area like animal stables, cattle shelf etc.

Detachable Pre-Fab Houses

We are also engaged in construction of Detachable Pre-Fab Houses at market leading prices. The quality service is provided by our skilled staff. The main aim is to give you the supreme quality and thus give you maximum satisfaction.